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Send me your own personal pretty feet photos or video and we will give you free access for 60 days to our private members area. Just email them to me at hotmail@runbox.com

Send us at least 10 photos or 1 video clip (in any format) of your own, and we will add them to the large list of member submitted shots already in the club. The material must contain show pretty feet and they must be original and fairly clear.

No need to show faces or personal property, Your submission can be totally anounymous and you are allowed to place filters over identifying features if you wish.

The following rules and requirements must be met to enter our club.
1. You and your partner must be of legal age.
2. The material submitted must be your own.
3. You must provide at least 10 photos or 1 video.
4. Your submission must show
pretty feet. The more the better

5. By submitting you automatically state that you give "Her Pretty Face" the right to display.

6. You will never be charged, once your 60 days has expired, you can make another submission or end your membership to the club.

When you send in your photos, be sure to tell us about likes and loves, your fetishes and desires, plus anything else you would like the others to know about you. Also include a username and password so we can add you to the private area. If you do not want your email adress shown you must state that in your submission.


To submit CLICK HERE